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Battery or Alternator Issues?

A dead battery is by far the biggest reason breakdown services get called out.

Here are three common reasons why your battery could fail:

  • Old Age – You will need to replace the battery
  • Lights, radio, etc left on – You will need to recharge the battery
  • Alternator not charging the battery – You will need to have your alternator checked

NAPA Legend BatteryIf you notice corrosion on the battery terminals, be sure to clean them off.

To reduce the risk of this happening to you, you should check your battery every month and in the winter every week. Most new batteries are sealed, however, if you have one that is not you should have the water level checked and topped off.

The multiple computer systems on today’s vehicles require a high quality, heavy amperage load battery.

If your vehicle runs a lot of electrical components, such as DVD players or an enhanced car stereo, we can provide a more powerful battery to suit your needs.

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