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Battery Replacement

Interstate Batteries
Mike’s Service Center is an authorized dealer of Interstate Batteries.

Mike’s Service Center sells and installs batteries for Cars, Trucks and SUVs. In addition, if your vehicle’s battery needs a cleaning or is experiencing corrosion, stop by and have us take a look. You may not need a new battery.

Today’s car batteries are set up to recharge as the vehicle runs. If you leave your lights on or run your vehicle’s power while the engine is shut off, it doesn’t allow the battery to recharge.

Some tips for Extending the Life of your Battery

  • Keep your battery clean
  • If you notice corrosion on the battery terminals, clean them off properly.
  • Don’t run electrical components off your cars battery while the engine is off for long periods of time.
  • Recharge your battery regularly, especially in extreme hot and cold weather.

If your vehicle runs a lot of electrical components, such as DVD players or an enhanced car stereo, we can provide a more powerful battery to suit your needs.

Stop by Mike’s Service Center for a battery inspection or to request pricing on a new battery.

Learn more about Car Batteries with this video from NAPA

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