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Oil Changes

Mike’s Service Center provides routine maintenance on cars, trucks and SUVs, including oil, lube and filter service, commonly referred to as an oil change. Our technicians will examine your vehicle, and be sure to install the correct weight oil, and help you determine the proper type of oil be using as your car ages.

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Above is a photo of a destroyed oil pan that was on a vehicle brought in for service. Let us change your oil before this happens.

Why Changing your Oil Regularly is Important
Oil eventually can turn into a jelly-like sludge, preventing oil from getting to some areas of the engine causing parts to wear out more quickly.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?
Each car manufacturer has a recommended schedule for changing your oil. Your owner’s manual should list the recommended length of time and mileage between oil changes.

However, how you drive can have a big affect on oil changes. Below are things that can be hard on your vehicle and require you to change your oil more frequently.

  • Stop and go driving
  • Driving short distances frequently
  • Driving in very hot or cold weather
  • Carrying heavy loads and towing

We pride ourselves on educating our customers, so if we find any leaks or other issues during your oil change service, we will be sure to show you the issue, explain the problem and provide cost-effective solutions.

Give us a call or stop by our shop at 1698 Main Street in Green Bay to have your oil changed today.

Learn more about the Importance of Oil Changes with this video from NAPA

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