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Tires & Rims

Mike’s Service Center provides repair services, new tire sales and installation for car, truck and SUV tires. We carry the top selling brands and have affordable options to suit your needs.

Whether your tires are worn and you’re noticing traction issues in rainy or snowy conditions, your vehicle isn’t braking as well as it used, or your noticing potential alignment issues, Mike’s is here to help.

Below is a short list of services we provide.

  • Tire Sales
  • Tire Rotation
  • Tire Balancing
  • Tire Installation
  • Refurbishing/Cleaning Rims

Tire Brands We Sell & Install

Tire Brands for Sale

When Severe Weather Strikes
Worn tires can cause traction to be comprised, especially in wet conditions. In rain, this can cause hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when a layer a water is present between your tires and the road, causing reduced traction. New tires will have greater tread depth, making hydroplaning much less common.

The Importance of Tire Rotation
Today, many vehicles are front wheel drive. This means that your front tires are carrying a lot of the load when your car corners and turns. Regularly rotating your tires will help combat this and help your tires wear more evenly.

Other issues can arise related to tires. If your tires aren’t balanced properly, it could be causing an alignment issue.

Learn More about Tire Rotation and Balancing with this video from NAPA

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